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thrash cowboy
03 November 2009 @ 10:20 pm
she emailed me this picture on halloween with the caption "check out my new mode of transportation!!"

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she's never been known for her sense of humor and this is super out of character for her but it's hilarious and awesome.

in other less-hilarious-but-still-just-as-awesome news, chris and his wife monica are in town for the week for some photography convention. dupage presence in new orleans has now doubled, hooray!
thrash cowboy
got an LJ nudge today (even though the sender [nudger?] should update his own LJ more often, not that i'm pointing any fingers or anything) and it's been a heck of a long time since i've written anything here. maybe i should update this for all one of you that cares enough to read it.


spending most of my free time nowhere close to new orleans.
playing around with mitchell and the mordechai dudes in mississippi and it's going alright.
spending a lot of free time in mississippi, actually. won't complain.
trying to keep myself as occupied as possible.
thinking about starting a mix cd club. get at me if you're interested.
baking/cooking a LOT.
watching too many movies
knitting some, but not enough.
going to a support group for survivors of sexual assault and instead of helping me cope with what i live with every day i think it just makes me realize more how many terrible, hateful, fucked-up people there are in the world. which bums me out more.
generally trying to stay posi even though that's a super hard thing to do sometimes.
listening to lots and lots of jawbreaker. as always.

so here's a bunch of photos. a bunch. i'm warning you in advance.

approximately one million photos from the last three monthsCollapse )

i've been mostly ok. how have you been?
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thrash cowboy
16 August 2009 @ 11:30 pm
haven't posted in months but honestly i don't really feel like i've done anything worth writing about. no use in talking about the funk i've been in and nobody cares to read about that bullshit anyhow. at some point i'll write about the trial that happened in may but not quite yet. it's nearing four months and i'm still not sure what i'm supposed to say about it.

so this weekend i was kidnapped (voluntarily, of course) and shuffled off to and around hattiesburg and biloxi. hung out with mitchell all weekend and also dylan and beth and other dudes for a while in h-burg last night. dylan went to india for a month and brought me back mala beads (so awesome). we played pool and both were terrible at it. had some decent conversations which is always appreciated and enjoyable. mitchell played tour guide around biloxi and ocean springs and gulfport and we ate gelato and strolled along the beach. we tried watching holiday with cary grant and katherine hepburn but i fell asleep ten minutes into it. oh well. he wants me to do vocals for mordechai which could be fun. musically it's different than what i'm used to but maybe that would be a good thing?

it was nice to get away, even if it was only for a little while. didn't necessarily forget about things (not possible) but it was kind of a relief to not have to deal with everything for a bit.
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thrash cowboy
11 May 2009 @ 02:41 pm
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really not looking forward to facing real life again once i'm back in new orleans tonight but what else am i supposed to do.
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thrash cowboy
despite the testimony of law enforcement officials as to the nature of the crime that happened, despite my testimony that a man i did not know broke into my house while i was asleep and raped me at knifepoint, despite hearing his voice and being able to identify him as the man who raped me after only hearing him speak a single word, despite a DNA expert from the FBI testifying that the DNA they were able to get from me had a 1 in 58 TRILLION chance of not being this man, despite the testimony from two convicted felons that i was a junkie who was addicted to oxycontin and other pills and would smoke crack and freebase cocaine and have sex for drugs, despite the district attorney being able to disprove every key point of both meryl cooper's and donovan dentz's (his druggie friend) testimonies, despite having to get back on the stand to defend my beliefs and explain to the jury what straight edge was amongst other things, all twelve members of the jury found him not guilty of both forcible rape and aggravated burglary.

i have never in my life felt more helpless, hopeless, and defeated.

off to california, i will deal with real life after i see the swing kids tomorrow.
thrash cowboy
30 April 2009 @ 06:26 am
i met with the district attorney again yesterday morning to go over more details about the upcoming trial. i was far more emotionally prepared for this meeting than i ended up being for the last one and didn't need to be put into my car and driven back to the city afterwards. i actually went by myself and did just fine! now i know pretty much exactly what i'm in for, what i can expect, and how things are going to go. there have been eight people subpoenaed to testify besides me: the investigating detective, three crime scene specialists, the first responding officer to my apartment after i called 911, the nurse from the hospital, the person who took the DNA sample from the man after he had been arrested (what was later used to confirm the DNA found that night), and a DNA specialist. the defense hasn't subpoenaed anyone and will probably not be calling anyone to testify on his behalf. meryl cooper will in all likelihood NOT be testifying. if he did, they'd be able to bring up his prior history (33 arrests in 31 years, for rape/burglary/assault/breaking and entering/deadbeat dad-related stuff) and he wouldn't stand a chance once information like was understood. as it stands the case they're making against him is DNA-based since i never saw what he looked like. i know that's going to be detrimental but in my defense the man covered my face, put a knife in my back, and threatened to kill me. i'm hoping that with that many people testifying against him it will be easier for the jury to convict him as guilty. he is, and i think the DNA evidence proves that beyond a reasonable doubt but some members of the jury might not accept DNA evidence as irrefutable. and that's where we'll run into problems. hopefully nobody gets picked for the jury who is of that opinion.

saying that i'm more prepared for this does not mean i'm not still absolutely terrified to be doing this. i can say without any exaggeration that i am more afraid of this than i have ever been of anything else in my entire life. but it's something that i know i have to do, both for myself and to ensure that this monster never hurts another living thing ever again, and so i'm just going to bite my tongue and do it. i never really had a choice to begin with, not then and not now.

as if one tenth of any of this wasn't stressful enough, yesterday a private detective came to my work to ask me questions about my relationship to that man. it was bewildering that the public defender for that man would stoop so low as to hire someone like that to try and find out anything he could to discredit me. i don't have anything to hide and am ashamed of nothing, so let them come at me with their worst.
thrash cowboy
05 April 2009 @ 01:16 pm
come hang out! last NOLA show for migs, first show we've played since the urban outfitters debacle in october.

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thrash cowboy
01 April 2009 @ 07:59 am
one of the many reasons that i cannot fucking WAIT for the swing kids/jenny piccolo/unbroken/undertow/blah blah show in may:

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thrash cowboy
29 March 2009 @ 05:41 pm
things have been alright. busy with work and life but that's not necessarily a bad thing i suppose. kind of sickly right now which sucks since it's so nice outside but i'll get over it.

-had a birthday a few weeks ago and it was decent, low-key and laid back. the Boy gave me the babar anthology and a knitting book, both of which were incredibly thoughtful and a bit suprising. so now i'm twenty-four and it's weird to me. i guess i'm always going to think of myself as seventeen and dumb. the only difference is that i'm twenty-four and dumb but i don't want to think of myself in terms of being in my mid twenties.

-was in chicago for the weekend after my birthday at the request of my mother... my brother is back from iraq and i apparently needed to be there to celebrate that. nevermind the fact that a civil word hasn't passed between us in probably four or five years. i spent the weekend gritting my teeth every time someone told my brother what a good guy he was for doing what he did 'over there.' of course i'm glad that he wasn't hurt and made it back safe and blah blah blah, but that's about the extent of it. at least my dad baked me a carrot cake and jill cut my hair and i ate pizza with hoffa and missy and justin and i hung out and i got the 97-Shiki 7". patrick scott is back in chicago, can my lai play a reunion show? just one? for me? then i can die a happy girl?

-got a suprisingly good review of the 7" in the newest issue of MRR. i told my parents that i got a review in a magazine and my father was entirely nonplussed. then when i was home i visited him at work and one of his coworkers was like, "we heard you got reviewed in a magazine!!! that you can buy in a bookstore!!! that's so great!!!" which made me think for just a minute that MAYBE HE DOES CARE ABOUT WHAT I DO. but then when i showed him the actual review he again acted nonplussed. oh well. on a hilarious note my mother now owns three copies of the march issue of MRR.

-bought a new digital camera since my old one gave up the ghost. it has a setting for taking pictures of food, which means i will be doing just that quite a lot.

-last weekend ruled. from the depths played in baton rouge last weekend and despite the show being a clusterfuck of miscommunication, it ended up not being a horrible failure like i was afraid was going to happen. steve stayed over after their show and in the morning i made buckwheat pancakes and we drove out to athens for his show saturday night. stopped in atlanta first for dinner at brian's parent's house which was tasty. ate at the grit for brunch the next day and hung out with some of the athens crew. got a bit weepy on the way back home because the weekend was so awesome and i had to return to boringness. some pictures from the weekend:Collapse )

-john put up some WNTT mp3's on his blog earlier this week, go check that ish out (and check out the divisions songs also, they're KILLER) human crush recordings

-earlier this week i acquired a new roommate, of the baby himalayan variety. he's white with greyish-brown points, and so so tiny and adorable. still haven't decided on a name for him just yet but j suggested apocalypse meow which would be entirely fitting as this dude does not shut his mouth between the hours of 9pm and 7am.
the new catCollapse )

any suggestions on what i should name him? the last himalayan i had was named juice, but i'm trying to avoid any sort of food-related names.

-apparently some of my tile pendants are going to be for sale at a craft expo in picayune next weekend so if any of you dudes happen to be in that part of the country you should check them out. yeah right. i myself will be at the strawberry festival in ponchatula that weekend stuffing my face with all manner of strawberry-related deliciousness and trying not to toss it all back up on the tilt-a-whirl.

-oh and i renewed my library card which is awesome since i live three minutes away from a library. recommend me books to read, people. i like things.

-oh and as always, listen to more jawbreaker.

see you again in another month
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thrash cowboy
26 February 2009 @ 06:34 pm
hoffa, karl, eric, chris, et al:


em sent me this link earlier today and as it's been a few years since i've last seen this it was pleasant to read again.  and not gonna lie, it made me tear up a little bit from the memories.  the photos are especially hilarious.

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